Simply Wicked Series

Wicked Games is Book 1 of the four book Wicked Series. The series continues with Wicked Desires, Wicked Lies and Wicked Obsessions. There are no cliff hangers and each book can be read as a stand alone.


Wicked: Evil, Naughty.  Games: To play or manipulate based on skill, strength or luck.

One Woman. Two men. A race against the clock. 

The Players:

Avery Carmichael is a brilliant criminal attorney. She is also the daughter of Jonathan Carmichael, the future governor of New York. She hates games, and she doesn’t have time for romance. She is running scared from the only man in her life. She calls him Tic Toc and he wants her dead. Her only objective is to survive. 

Liam Sanders is tall, dark and deadly handsome. He’s also the twin brother of Luke Sanders and the newest member of Cross Security. He has a job to do. He doesn’t have time for distractions. But just one look at Avery Carmichael and his game plan changes. He wants her and he’ll do whatever it takes make her his.

Tic Toc is a man who loves games. He’s also a sociopath who communicates through cryptic notes, dead roses and crippling fear. He’s bitter and angry, and nothing will stop him from achieving his goal. He’s set the timeline for the game to playout. When the game ends… so will Avery Carmichael’s life.

The stakes are high.

Each player has their own set of rules.

Time is ticking down…who will win and who will lose.


A gorgeous rock star in need of a girlfriend. A sassy New York lawyer in need of a husband. A contract of convenience. What could possibly go wrong?

Victoria Davison has had her heart shattered. She’s has sworn off men forever, a plan that has worked stunningly well until about five minutes ago, when she found out she needs to be married before her thirty-second birthday if she wants access to the one hundred-million-dollar trust fund her grandfather set up for her.

Grayson Pierce is the devastatingly seductive, illegally gorgeous front man for Ruin. He’s the hedonistic saint of sin, wrapped in leather, whiskey, and fame… He’s living the dream until his record company tells him he needs to clean up his image or he’s done.

Ruin is playing in Times Square when Grayson’s eyes land on the green-eyed girl he is singing about. Electricity sizzles in the air between them. Tori tells herself she’s immune to his lethal charms when she walks away.

Love maker.


Weeks later, their worlds collide again. Unable to get her out of his head, Grayson makes Tori a tantalizing offer: act as his girlfriend for six months while he promotes his new album. This could be the solution she has been looking for. Tori counters with a proposal of her own.

A contract is signed

It’s a match made in heaven because Grayson fears the one thing Tori dreads the most: getting hitched. This is for convenience only…with a time stamped expiry date.

Love is strictly out of bounds.

But when music’s crown prince of mayhem touches her, sparks fly.

Tori’s not about to trust her heart to rock’s most legendary lover.

Her body, though? Maybe.

As it turns out, pretending to fall in love is incredibly sexy…

And falling in love for real, with a man she promised not to fall for?


If you like strong dirty talking heroes and feisty heroines, you’ll love this marriage-of-convenience steamy romance! Wicked Desires is a standalone novel, HEA guaranteed.