Wicked Games

Cover - 300


Wicked: Evil, NaughtyGames: To play or manipulate based on skill, strength or luck.

One Woman. Two men. A race against the clock. 

The Players:

Avery Carmichael is a brilliant criminal attorney. She is also the daughter of Jonathan Carmichael, the future governor of New York. She hates games, and she doesn’t have time for romance. She is running scared from the only man in her life. She calls him Tic Toc and he wants her dead. Her only objective is to survive. 

Liam Sanders is tall, dark and deadly handsome. He’s also the twin brother of Luke Sanders and the newest member of Cross Security. He has a job to do. He doesn’t have time for distractions. But just one look at Avery Carmichael and his game plan changes. He wants her and he’ll do whatever it takes make her his.

Tic Toc is a man who loves games. He’s also a sociopath who communicates through cryptic notes, dead roses and crippling fear. He’s bitter and angry, and nothing will stop him from achieving his goal. He’s set the timeline for the game to playout. When the game ends… so will Avery Carmichael’s life.

The stakes are high.

Each player has their own set of rules.

Time is ticking down…who will win and who will lose.